I’ve always known that a space is created by the environment, town and people who inhabit it, not by the latest trends.

However, trends can be a helpline to interpret your own style.

Keep a part of your personality when re-designing the space.

… then build on that.

Eating plays an important part of my life. When I travel overseas, I do my research on restaurants and interesting hotels.

“David is one of the few who truly understands and works with three dimensions in architecture. He understands how space works and doesn’t try to compete with the building.” (Wynand Wilsenach, architect, in VISI issue 47)

“I’ve always wished two things for myself: Firstly, to be one of those quiet and mysterious types who now and then comes up with great wisdom. The other, to live a life of minimalism – not clinical and cold – but with monastic economy. A simple bed, wooden table and a chair.” (David Strauss)