David Strauss Home Truths

(Extracts from House & leisure when his seaside home was featured as House of the Month)

I love to visit Buenos Aeries. It has the glamour and nostalgia of Europe with the latin spontaneity of a third-world country.

I believein buying locally. We spend a fortune on a speak italian leather chair when you can buy a unique ostrich-leather covered one down the road.

Eating Plays an important part of my life. I ‘do lunch’ every day. When I travel overseas, I do my research on restaurants, not museums.

“David is one of the few who truly understands and works with three dimensions in architecture. He understands how space works and doesn’t try to compete with the building.” (Wynand Wilsenach, architect, in VISI issue 47)

“I’ve always wished two things for myself: Firstly, to be one of those quiet and mysterious types who now and then comes up with great wisdom. The other, to live a life of minimalism – not clinical and cold – but with monastic economy. A simple bed, wooden table and a chair.” (David Strauss)